Wreath Care

Wreath Care and Storage

Each wreath is handmade and while every reasonable effort will be made to ensure the wreath will look exactly as the one in the picture there may be some variances due to the very fact that each one is individually created by hand. Our wreaths are suitable for outside use but please note while they may be suitable for outside, exposing them to the elements long term may eventually fade some of the colours of the floral and fabrics. 

To ensure your wreath lasts and stays in good condition, if placing outside please ensure during extreme weather conditions that you take your wreath in as strong winds etc and extreme sunlight may damage the wreath.

Unpacking your Wreath:

We have taken precautions to avoid movement or damage to your wreath during shipping However your wreath may need some fluffing after its journey.  After removing the wreath from the box, run your fingers along the wire edges of the ribbons to fluff them on the bow and all around your wreath. Be careful not to prick your fingers as some of the wires may be exposed. Now your wreath is ready to hang. ENJOY!

Care for your Wreath:

     Deco Mesh Wreaths:  Use a blow dryer (set on a low cool setting) from time to time to remove any dust. Because deco mesh has been cut, it is normal to notice fray strings.  Just clip them off with scissors.  Handle your wreath as little as possible to prevent fraying. Hang your wreath on a door that is shaded & covered with an awning or porch to avoid damage from rain and sun.  If left out in direct sunlight for long periods of time, your deco mesh wreath may start to fade. 


Storing your Wreath:

  Deco Mesh & Grapevine Wreaths:  

  • Replace in original box. If the original box is not available, place in a box large enough that the wreath and any of the floral components are not squashed and cover with a large bag if it does not have a lid, or place the wreath in a trash bag.

  • Store in a cool dark place such as a closet. Keep in mind that extreme heat can cause the hot glue to melt and embellishments to melt or break off.

  • Do not store anything on top of the box that could crush your wreath.

  • Store the wreath flat side down and ensure that nothing is placed on top of the wreath as weights may cause the shape of some of the floral or ribbons to be damaged.

  • A deco mesh wreath must not be placed face down or left standing on its edge for any length of time. Deco mesh if placed face down or on their side may lose their shape and it would be quite difficult to reshape if placed flat or squashed.

  • Floral wreaths should also be laid face down, and in a box that does not squash the ribbons ,flowers or greenery. The wired ribbons can be re shaped time and time again, but deco mesh ribbon, or non-wired ribbon may be hard to reshape after a long period of weight being pressed upon them.

  • You can use white tissue paper to put in the loops of bows to help them maintain their shape.



Never hang a wreath above a baby crib and keep out of reach of small children, most wreaths contains small objects that can be harmful if swallowed or cause choking hazards.