Ways to Decorate with Wreaths

Whatever it is, the way you tell your story can make all the difference

Wreath design
How to decorate with wreaths

Make your wreaths stand out.

Decorating with a wreath doesn’t have to be limited to your front door!
In fact, if you want to get the most out of your wreaths, you should consider using a wreath in other areas of the house to give your home a warm and cozy look and add some more color to your décor.

Welcome Wreath
Front Door Wreath décor

Put it on your door

We are aware your door is generally the first choice for wreath placement, but it is time to mix it up, bring them inside.

Sunflower clock wreath
Sunflower Wreath Clock

Interior Wreath décor

Hang them on your wall, make them functional, like this adorable clock wreath

Mirror Wreath décor
Wreath décor with Mirror

Place wreath over a mirror

You can hang it on top of a mirror to add a bit of dimension and texture to the glass! Remember, when hanging on a mirror, make sure the back side looks nice as well, since it will reflect in the mirror

Window Wreath decor
Window Wreath decor

On a window frame

Indoors or outdoors this is a wonderful way to dress up a window frame.

Tabletop Wreath Ideas
Tabletop Wreath Ideas

Wreaths for Centerpieces

Use wreaths as centerpieces for your tables.

There are plenty of reasons to decorate the inside of our home. While it is great to be greeted at the front door with a welcome wreath, it is just as lovely to dress up the walls in your living room or family room. Since we are buying them, we should enjoy them more often…bring them inside!

The possibilities are endless, on a shelf, on a mantel, in the kitchen on a hutch. It is time to get creative with wreaths! While we have covered how to decorate with wreaths, here are some great tips on wreath care.