Live Edge Furniture Care

How to Clean Live Edge Epoxy Resin Table Tops:

Nightshade Nook’s live edge wood cutting boards, table tops, and furniture are made from hand-selected wood slabs. The live edge wood inventory is chosen for the slab’s size, unique grain, and patterns. The wood is then dried to remove any excess moisture to prevent any future cracking or warping.

Live Edge wood requires very little maintenance to remain water and stain proof. Dust with microfiber towels. Use natural cleaning products for a natural wood piece. Polish live edge wood with a conditioning cream.

  • When it comes to resin table top maintenance, the first step is to clean the table regularly, with a wet towel and natural cleaner, simply wipe down the table top in between uses or as a daily cleaning.

  • When performing a more in-depth attempt at resin table top maintenance, using a sponge and hot soapy water instead of a soft cloth can help remove any build-up.

  • Never use any material more abrasive than a sponge, such as steel scratch pads, because while resin table tops are scratch resistant, they are not scratch proof.


  • Buffing instead of scrubbing- This material is quick to harden and creates a very tough table-top material; however extreme heat or excessive friction can cause the material to soften. This is why its important to be careful while cleaning this surface. When you are cleaning any food or drink stains off of this surface, use a soft towel.

  • Using alcohol to clean is a no-no– You may have heard some people say that you should use rubbing alcohol in epoxy resin surface cleaning. The truth is that the method works only in case you want to actually take off any epoxy resin from any surface.Simple soap and water is more than enough to get the epoxy resin clean.

  • Never use harsh chemicals on your table top. Also DO NOT use cleaning oils or furniture polish. A soft cloth and gentle soap and water will keep your table top looking clean and shiny for years

  • Catch the stains before they set in

  • Regardless of the cleaning method used, the only way to ensure the epoxy resin table tops stay stain free and clean is to clean them regularly. Prevention is always better than cure and its the same in this case too; wipe drink spills and food particles off the surface before they set it. It will add to the longevity of the surface and provide return on your investment.